The world we like is sustainable


Sustainability represents a fundamental element in the strategy of Bit.

The commitment to sustainability does not end with the exhibitors' proposals. bit also adopts sustainable practices for the organisation of the event: for example, with the use of more easily recyclable or reusable materials and initiatives to reduce energy consumption, with a view to future certification as well.


84% of visitors reach the exhibition center by public transport; efficient waste management is envisaged with a view to circular economy (for example, 100% of the carpet is made from recycled material); compostable crockery is used in the refreshment points.



Fiera Milano and Sustainability


Sustainability is a fundamental element in the organisational strategy for Fiera Milano Group. The decision to adopt sustainable policies, taking into account social and environmental aspects, as well as economic ones, come from the awareness of the need to interact in the best possible way with all Stakeholders, enhancing the value of the territory in which we operate.





Fiera Milano: Policy of quality, sustainability, environment and safety


Fiera Milano promotes the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the events organized and hosted at its exhibition and congress districts, following the principles of good management, safety, inclusiveness, integrity and transparency.